Stroud Green Primary

What makes us proud

So what is it that makes us all Proud to be a part of the Stroud Green School community? What makes us us? It is hard to articulate but we have pulled together this (not exhaustive) list of things that we are currently doing to try and help show you...

We might be biased but we think that we have the best children, the best staff and the best community in the whole world! 

Our children are exceptional and give us hope every day for the future of our planet. Our staff go above and beyond for the children because they are invested in them and want them to excel. And our community is supportive, inclusive and best of all they understand the journey we are on and do everything they can to help us get there.

As is clear from our school vision our pupils are trail blazers, activists, academics and campaigners. We teach the National Curriculum with rigor and passion, but go above and beyond the required content in all areas. We take the children's lead about what is important to them (feminist club, eco warriors) and listen to their interests (cycling, debating) and then extend that to all pupils to ensure equality of opportunity. We work with local schools, and the community and national and international organisations. 

We are always growing, reflecting and improving, but please take a look at these examples of our excellent enrichment activities.