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Voice 21

Oracy is the ability to articulate ideas, devlop understanding and engage with others through spoken language. At Stroud Green we are committed to transforming oracy teaching and learning across the school, enabling all our children to benefit from a high quality oracy education.

In 2022 we became a Voice 21 school and began working with the UK's Oracy Education Charity Voice 21. Through the deliberate, explicit and systematic teaching of oracy across phases and throughout the curriculum we will support children and young people to make progress in the four strands of oracy outlined in the oracy framework.

The oracy framework provides an overview of the oracy skills and knowledge children should acquire during their time at school. It can help to identify strengths and areas for devlopment, plan explicitly for talk and support reflection on talk.

In our first year working with Voice 21, we are working on developing our classroom practice through developing oracy charters and introducing the oracy framework and talk tactics. In the coming years we will continue to develop our curriculum further to ensure it is "oracy rich".

Click here to read the oracy framework.