Stroud Green Primary


Famly is an all in one management and communication platform for parents and childcare providers and we hope that you as a parent will find Famly useful for communicating with Stroud Green Nursery.

It allows everyday moments to be shared with you in a safe and secure way. Famly also allows messaging back and forth between parents and the nursery while helping staff save time by easing some of their admin tasks.

Parents can be informed about events and trips as well, helping you to keep up to date.  Famly isn't meant to replace face-to-face contact with us, but should help to make communications simpler and more accessible at all times.

How do I start with Famly?

1. Once you have registered with Stroud Green Nursery you will receive an email invitation to join Famly.

2. Follow the link in the email and create your own password.

3. We recommend downloading the Famly app to your phone or tablet.

4. Log in with your email and password.

5. Get started! If you have not received your link, get in touch and we can send you a new one.

There are lots of functions of the system including:

* If you have more than one child at the setting, you can use the same login.

*Once you have a login, you can add a partner under "contacts" and add a new parent login.

*Send messages to your child's key teacher, room staff or management.

*Receive updates including photos, videos and documents about your child.

*At the top of your child's profile, you can report your child sick or away on holiday.

*Update details and permissions directly in famly.

*Create contacts in your child's profile by entering your contact details.

*View accounts, check and pay invoices.

*Enabling staff to add assessments and observations to each child's record to create a learning journal.  You are also able to upload photos and observations from home.

We hope you enjoy using the Famly app and have fun with it.