Stroud Green Primary

Groundswell Arts Partnership

We have been incredibly fortunate to have a strong partnership with Groundswell Arts.  This year we have been involved in two exciting projects which our children, families and wider community have greatly benefited.


 Sing Our Story is an established project that has been running for 10 years and funded via Youth Music , families who participate state that it improves their relationship with their child , their school and that in many cases children and families continue to use and listen to the song created on the project years after it has finished. 

As part of this project a professional musician will run regular music sessions with reception classes teaching songs and musical activities aimed to increase children’s language and fine motor skills 

She will also work with up to 12 families to create and co-compose individual bespoke songs alongside  parents for 12 invited children / families 

Songs celebrate the individual identity of the child and promote wellbeing alongside building relationships between school and home and are particularly beneficial for children experiencing challenging circumstances at home , or with additional needs. 

Children identified for the project are selected from nursery and reception classes 

The project will culminate in a sharing for all of the families and families and school will receive lyrics and recordings of their songs. 

Alongside the project Groundswell also deliver staff training to share early years music pedagogy with staff and give staff a range of tools and resources for them to continue their music provision. 


The Story Lab programme is a digital literacy programme using Green Screen and Animation film-making techniques and hands-on arts-based learning to support a wide range of subjects across the curriculum. Films can be linked to almost any subject and projects can support increased digital skills (linked to IT curriculum) writing for purpose, speaking and listening, wellbeing, teamwork and collaboration. 

The programme is funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and focuses on teacher training and development to empower teachers to use film-making skills to raise attainment and narrow the disadvantage gap. Stroud Green will be one of five Haringey Schools across the next two years participating in the programme and there will be opportunities to share practice and learn from the other schools participating in the programme as we work to build up a range of techniques and approaches to share with each other. 

Across the two years there will be three-year group projects per year, opportunities for working with LSA’s to support learning interventions (e. g films linked to social stories) and a community film project inviting parents to create films alongside their children.  There will be a focus on inclusion and accessibility throughout to make sure all learners can fully access the programme. 

Alongside the tailored support the programme will offer there will be some additional CPD offers created for all five schools to attend including 

Drama techniques to support filmmaking and Puppetry sessions (From 2022) 

Some of the work (related to parental partnership) will also be evaluated across the two years in a report by Doctor Jonathan Barnes and we may offer some specific sharing’s at the end of the programme in relation to disseminating his research.

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Here is Beth introducing green screen to her year five class with a film she made.