Stroud Green Primary

Green Schools Project

It is becoming increasingly accepted that education needs to play an important role in tackling the climate emergency. We are proud to be involved in a new programme that helps schools to take their first steps towards zero carbon while using it as a valuable educational opportunity for pupils to learn about what we need to do and lead the change. 

What we are learning about at Stroud Green:

  • Learn about climate change – what the causes are, what the effects for people and the natural world are and what we can all do to tackle it.
  • Learn about how your school creates carbon emissions – through energy, travel, food and purchasing and calculate an estimate of the school’s carbon emissions.
  • This is carried out as a cross-curricular project involving Maths, Geography, Science and English.
  • Support for pupils to then run projects that aim to reduce the school’s carbon emissions..

For more information on the Zero Carbon Schools project, click here