Stroud Green Primary

Eco Ambassadors

Our Eco Ambassadors Club is run by our year four teacher Victoria.

Every class, from Reception to Year six, has an Eco Ambassador who advocates for protecting the environment, both here at Stroud Green and beyond. Our team of Eco Ambassadors are incredibly passionate about their role and our work making Stroud Green a greener and more sustainable place is student lead.

At the moment, we are working on three main areas chosen by our team: litter, growing and sustainable transport.

Firstly, we are proactively maintaining our school grounds by organising regular litter picks. Recently we took part in the Great Big School Clean, a national initiative to clean up school environments. 

Secondly, our eco ambassadors decided to run a sunflower growing competition to inspire a greater respect for nature. Every class grew a sunflower and the class with the biggest plant won a plant that will travel with them through their journey at Stroud Green.

We also celebrated Living Streets Week, in which pupils were encouraged to walk to school (or for as much of their journey as possible).

Our children at Stroud Green are incredibly passionate about protecting the environment and preventing pollution and global warming. It is fantastic to see them channel that passion into taking proactive steps in their school.