School Day

Start of the Day
School starts at 8.55am, teachers go onto the playground at 8.50am and are available to speak to you about your child or to make an appointment to speak to them at length. All children (except Reception and Nursery) line up in the playgrounds). Years 1, 2 and 3 line up in the Perth Road playground and Years 4, 5 and 6 line up in the Woodstock Road playground.

End of the Day
School finishes at 3.30pm for Infants and 3.35pm for Juniors.  All children (except Reception and Nursery) will be escorted to the playgrounds by class teachers and learning support assistants and handed over to parents/carers.  PLEASE NOTE:  3.30/3.35 is the end of your children's learning time so they may be out in the playground a few minutes after this time. 

Monday                         9.10am                 Whole School Assembly (Head Teacher)

Tuesday                        No Assemblies  
Wednesday                   9.10am                 Infant Celebration/Story/Music (Deputy Head)
                                      9.10am                 Junior Class Assembly (Head Teacher)
Thursday                                                    No Assembly (Class Council Meeting)   
Friday                            9.10am                 Infant Class Assembly (Head Teacher)
                                      9.10am                Junior Celebration Assembly (Deputy Head Teacher)

"Making Learning Irresistible"